Welcome to the Navigator Yacht Owner’s Family!   Despite the two years into a global pandemic, we have had lots of on-line information sharing, a Facebook auction for our Featured Boat, were able to garner sponsorship to fund our Roster and held some really fun “Gator Gatherings” around the world! 

We continue to share share our love of all things “Navigator" and boating. We encourage you, wherever you are in the world to look out for fellow Navigators and share this camaraderie! The Committee is available to help share ideas and help in any planning. 

Our  group's membership  continues to grow as more and more Navigator and Californian owners have discovered us. Although our group was born in the Pacific Northwest, nearly half of our 400+ owners now hail from outside the Washington/Oregon/British Columbia area, including Florida, California, Alberta, Michigan, the Carolinas, Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Kansas, Colorado, and even as far away as Australia and New Zealand. This amazing diversity leads us to believe that we have quickly become the best single source of information for your Navigator yacht.​

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Wishing you sunny skies and calm seas, see you on the water!

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