About Us

The NW Navigator Yacht Owners were
first organized in 2006 by K and Don
Morrison.  They owned a Navigator
and understood the benefits of
connecting other Navigator Owners
together.  Through their diligent efforts
they organized the first Navigator
Rendezvous, which was attended by 6
boats and the initial planning committee. 

Over the years many folks have donated
hundreds of hours to ensure the success
​of the annual Rendezvous.  Our elaborate decorations and fun activities have made our Rendezvous a ‘not to miss’ event.

Now that the Navigator factory no longer exists, owners of Navigator and Californian yachts seek out our owner's group as an important source of information and advice to help them keep their boats in top working order.  Our community of owners has grown to well over 400 people throughout the United States, Canada, and from as far away as New Zealand.  This diverse group currently represents over 350 Navigator and Californian yachts, in nearly every length and style offered, spanning model years from 1989 to 2012.  Additionally, our group maintains relationships with boating industry professionals who have a long history and vast expertise with the Navigator brand, many of whom are long-standing financial sponsors of our annual Rendezvous.

In 2013, we introduced our first ‘Gator Gathering’ as an additional opportunity for Navigator Owners to meet in a smaller setting without all the fanfare of the full-scale Rendezvous.  Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated team of volunteers, our community of owners is going strong and continues to grow.  We celebrate 2021 with our 16th annual Rendezvous, and we look forward to many successful events in the years to come. 

We maintain a social networking forum on Facebook for Q&A and technical discussions.  The forum is regularly monitored by over 450+ Navigator and Californian owners and industry experts and contains a wealth of technical information.  Anyone who joins our mailing list can also access our Facebook forum; see our Contact Us page for details.